Skirting corner tile, white

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Code 63200950

Skirting corner tile
Sold per tile

Tile height: 150mm


A look from the early 1920's that has fast gained popularity is the 'subway-style rectangular tile' or the metro tile (named after the Parisian undergrounds) in bright, glossy white. Historically, the metro tiles were used in an effort to reflect the dim artificial lighting within subways however, today metro tiles are used for their durability and their classical, clean and simple look - a style that is timeless.

A skirting corner tile is to be used with the skirting tiles to complete the base layer of tiles above the floor. The skirting corner tile is used when tiling around a corner

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that tiles leaving our store are from the same batch and of excellent quality, we cannot be held responsible for colour variations from the factory once the tiles are laid. Please randomly remove tiles from the boxes and check for colour consistency before laying.

Metro tiles are wonderful for shower walls or as splash areas behind washbasins and baths, and even behind the cooker in the kitchen.