Shaving brush – faux ebony

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Code 41700191

Shaving brush
Faux ebony
From Truefitt & Hill


Truefitt & Hill's shaving brushes, hand made in the UK with the finest quality super badger hair, are renowned for its water absorbing qualities. The fibrous natural bristles of the badger haired brush hold significantly more water than their synthetic equivalent, making badger haired brushes the best accompaniment to your shaving ritual. The additional benefits of using a brush are numerous - it will gently exfoliate the skin while lifting the bristles of the beard and coating each individual whisker with shaving cream ensuring the most comfortable shave possible.

Established in 1805, Truefitt & Hill maintain the world's oldest barbershop and are barbers and Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh. Recognised as the finest traditional gentleman's barber and perfumer in London, Truefitt & Hill's product offering is the result of over 212 years of research and intimate customer relationships, providing today's man with a collection that is both sophisticated and practical.
"Gentlemen deserve the best in everything they do."
Read more about the history of Truefitt & Hill here.

Made in the UK, the shaving brushes are hand weighed and hand knotted using the finest badger hair. Lathe turned and hand polished handles and a final inspection ensures conformity to Truefitt's legendary standards of quality.

A shaving brush made of badger hair absorbs hot water better than any other brush material. Hot water is the key to a great shave and the more water a shaving brush can hold and transfer to your face, the better the foam and the shave.
A good shaving brush used with a good quality shaving cream or soap creates hot, rich and creamy foam that is impossible to achieve in a can.
When using a shaving brush, the skin gets cleansed and exfoliated, as opposed to when applying the foam with the dabbing motion of your fingers. Therefore, the risk for “in growing” hairs and shaving spots decreases dramatically.
A shaving brush helps to soften and lift each whisker and prepare the beard for the razor blade.
Using a good quality shaving brush will take your shaving experience to unexpected heights.