French swivel basin spout

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Code 22221101

This basin spout can swivel side to side.
For a wall mounted installation.

Inlet: 15mm
Projection: 240mm

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The French swivel basin spout is complimentary to be used with any tapware range. This spout is perfect to be used above a basin with a pair of stop cocks. The advantage of the swivel spout enables the spout to moved to the side, helpful when washing or shaving one's face.

The French swivel spout is for a wall mounted installation and is usually installed with a pair of stop cocks. The spout can swivel side to side which is advantageous for grooming routines such as shaving or washing one’s face.

Clean with warm water, a mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid cleaners containing abrasive materials.
When situated close to the sea, ensure that the chrome is cleaned regularly to remove salt residue.