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Victorian Bathrooms - Coot Club
As the sun slips below the lagoon, the ship’s bell rings, signalling the beginning of a well-earned holiday.

Tucked away in the quiet beauty of the Walker Bay Nature Reserve, next to the sleepy town of Stanford and set at the foot of the majestic Maanchynskop mountains, is nestled the charming collection of nautical-themed boathouses and original stone cottages that make up Coot Club.

The simple charcoal exteriors of the boathouses melt into the natural environment, creating a unique space to be enjoyed by all who visit, whether the quiet birdwatcher or adventurous traveller.

The Starboard boathouse is a two-bedroom cabin with the lagoon lapping gently just a breath away.

The open-plan design lets the afternoon light fall into and fill up the kitchen, dining area and lounge, with a high-vaulted ceiling that allows air to move freely between the heavy wooden beams. The neutral-coloured walls are contrasted by the bold and bright blues of the kitchen, and the vibrant greens and yellows of the living room. The space is warm and eclectic, the bathroom walls a playful powder blue with ruby-red accents, set off by near-black tiled floors.

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The three-bedroom Port boathouse is similarly styled, dramatic in its mix of ox-blood reds and deep navy blues. The wood-panelled walls are reminiscent of being inside of a boat, and the kitchen, dining and living areas flow into one another in an open-plan design to create a beautiful, vast and breathable space.

The rich reds of the fridge and cupboards are set against cream walls, with dark blue pillows on the couches and in the bedroom. The colours spill into the bathroom, which is painted the same shade of red with dark-grey tiles covering the floor. The doors in the living area open out onto a veranda that faces the endless expanse of the lagoon.

The century-old clubhouse with its boat-themed bar, warm fireplaces and indoor and outdoor activities, overlooks lush lawns and a generously proportioned swimming pool. A cluster of four original stone cottages make up the rest of the Coot Club accommodation.

The Coot Club, with its bright interiors and subtle exteriors, is a unique space that is as modern as it is timeless.

The 610mm and 800mm Edwardian Basins from our Burlington Collection sit proudly atop chrome stands, alongside our Burlington Close Couple toilets. Concealed shower mixers, elegant 400mm shower arms and shower roses from our Britannia Collection complete the modern yet timeless look.

Victorian Bathrooms is honoured to be associated with yet another incredible project, designed and created by the inspiring Camilla Fraser and Dominic Touwen, as well as Kritzinger Architects.

At the same time we would like to thank photographers Henrique Wilding and Honest Work for allowing us to use their stunning photos.

We are proud that our ware was selected for the Coot Club and that our vision resonated so soundly with theirs. With its classic, timeless style, this project is a truly seamless collaboration.

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