Shower wiper & holder – Zone

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Code 40362039

Zone shower wiper & holder

Length: 210mm


Zone Denmark is a Danish company that produces functional, thought-through and high quality design home accessories for everyday use. The products are developed in collaboration with experienced and talented Danish designers, who connect the Scandinavian design tradition with modern elements. With a focus on transforming everyday utensils and tools into stylish accessories with the use of clean lines, modern design and being of high quality, this range will add a touch of style to any room they're in.

The bend in the handle allows for easy cleaning.
The holder is stuck to the tiles without drilling.
The wiper is held to the holder by a light magnet, giving it a floating appearance.

The holder adheres to the tiles through the use of taping. This is a permanent fixture and will not 're-stick' successfully to the tiles if moved.