Four-tier glass shelf – Stockholm

Code 41404000

A 4-tier shelf made from stainless steel rods and glass shelves.

Height: 995mm
Width: 350mm
Depth: 280mm


The Stockholm Collection, a timeless combination of unsurpassed style.
Each piece has been exclusively styled to be both practical and elegant - a true reflection of the entire range.

This stainless steel and glass 4 tier shelf unit has a clean and simple design and space-saving footprint.

The feet are adjustable to assist with steadying the shelf on uneven flooring.

Please note that this product is very fragile. When carrying, please pick up all legs at once to prevent the glass from cracking due to possible twisting.

The rods are made of stainless steel.

Clean with warm water, a mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid cleaners containing abrasive materials.
When situated close to the sea, ensure that the the item is cleaned regularly to remove salt residue.