Burlington shower rose, 9″

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Code 12617000

Burlington 9″ shower rose with antiscale nipples & ball joint.

Diameter: 236mm


The Burlington 9" shower rose epitomises the fusion of traditional design and modern technology. This elegant shower rose can save up to 33% of water due to its inbuilt AirBurst feature where air is forced into the shower head to mix with the water and increase the inside pressure resulting in a powerful water flow with up to 33% less water.

In addition, the anti-limescale nipples makes it easy to remove limescale and directs the water in the correct downwards direction, delivering the experience it is designed to create... for years to come.

Includes antiscale nipples and a ball joint.

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Uses up to 33% less water due to its inbuilt Airburst technology.
Minimum flow rate of 9 litres per minute is recommended.

Clean with warm water, a mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid cleaners containing abrasive materials.
When situated close to the sea, ensure that the chrome is cleaned regularly to remove salt residue.

With Burlington's EasyClean technology you can easily remove limescale. Simply rub your fingers over the silicon nipples and the limescale is removed. The nipples also help direct the water in the correct direction, and not sideways. This results in a clean shower head, delivering the experience it is designed to do.