Burlington close coupled water closet

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burlington toilet
Code 126C1052/126P5000

Includes the pan, cistern, mechanism & handle.
Price excludes the toilet seat.

Width of cistern: 520mm
Projection of pan: 730mm
Overall height: 780mm
Distance btwn seat holes: 155mm

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The Burlington dual flush water closet is strong in design, offering rectangular lines and generous proportions to give your bathroom an everlasting style. The half flush (3 litres) is activated by flushing the cistern lever upwards and the full flush (6 litres) by flushing downwards.

Also available in beautiful bespoke colours on special order: Confetti Pink, Alaska Blue & Moon Grey.
Click here for more information on Burlington's colour collection.

Toilet seats
Any of the Burlington seats should be used with the Burlington water closet.

Water saving features
The slimline cistern size of the Burlington WC holds less water than that of the average toilet cistern. The Burlington cistern holds a maximum of 6 litres whilst the average toilet cistern holds approximately 9 litres.

The Burlington WC is supplied with dual-flush cistern mechanism offering a full flush (6 litres) when the cistern lever is gently pushed downwards and a half flush (3 litres) when the cistern lever is gently lifted upwards.
Single-flush cistern mechanism is available at an additional charge upon request.

The NanoGlaze interior of the toilet bowl ensures easy cleaning.