Lismore Estate Vineyards ~ Greyton

Lismore Estate Vineyards is a bespoke wine farm located near the tranquil village of Greyton in Southern Africa.

Originally from California, owner and winemaker Samantha O’Keefe found paradise and the perfect terroir, tucked in the foothills of the mountain range that hugs the nearby village.

The dramatic difference between seasons produces rich and complex grapes that Sam lovingly crafts into award winning wines.

Lismore is an inspired vision transforming undeveloped farmland and rugged mountainside into a lovingly crafted winery and personal homestead.

Sam originally built her house in 2003 with the idea of a home that her great grandchildren could live in. A home that could be passed down through the ages with a design that would remain relevant and elegant.

When Sam fitted her bathrooms, she chose Victorian Bathrooms because “they were just so beautiful, and the quality was the best in South Africa”. The timeless style of the bathroomware resonated with Sam’s vision of her forever home.

In early 2020, the farm was tragically decimated by a wildfire that engulfed the cellar, large areas of the vineyards and Sam’s stunning hill top home.

Sam, her two sons and their beloved dogs were left homeless and without a single worldly belonging. They were forced to adapt, find lodging elsewhere, and continue to support each other through the trauma.

Her friends supported her and the wine community rallied to help Sam by donating grapes, barrels, cellar space and whatever else she needed to keep going.

Showing her resilient nature, Sam soon began the resurrection of her farm. New vines were planted, the cellar rebuilt, equipment installed, and Sam was once again making wine on her own land.

The final step was to re-build the farmhouse she so dearly loved;

Sam wanted her home back. She rebuilt a house that mirrored the original. Even though Sam had free reign to completely redesign her bathrooms, she chose to remain timeless. She once again chose Victorian Bathrooms.

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