Samuel Heath

Internationally renowned for innovation and quality

Established in Birmingham, England in 1820, Samuel Heath is a manufacturer internationally renowned for innovation and quality.

They are a quintessentially English company who design and manufacture high quality faucets, showers, bathroom accessories and architectural hardware in the classic and contemporary style.

Crafted with time honoured skills utilising the latest in manufacturing technology, each piece is hand finished with the utmost care that you can enjoy for years to come.

Samuel Heath is home to an exceptional range of bathroom tapware, all available in a variety of finishes. Victorian Bathrooms is proud to introduce locally The Style Moderne Collection, The Fairfield Collection, and now their newest; The exciting Landmark Collection.

The Landmark Collection

The Landmark Collection is the most recent addition to Samuel Heath’s offering and is created on the classic Bauhaus principles of simplicity and elegance of design.

The intelligent use of materials, finishes and textures, combined with pure understated form, ensures that this collection will not only complement but enhance a diverse range of interior styles and settings.

The Landmark Collection features two styles – Landmark Industrial and Landmark Pure.


Landmark Industrial

Designed and crafted following Samuel Heath’s long manufacturing tradition, Landmark Industrial embodies ‘industrial chic’, exposing all that lies beneath to achieve an edgy style. It is bold and authoritative with precisely matched yet entirely functional detailing.

Celebrating engineering ingenuity, this range juxtaposes the raw with the refined, and the sleek and modern with the vintage and classic.

Landmark Pure

Landmark Pure is somewhat restrained with overtones of the original Bauhaus aesthetic.

Pure is neutral and balanced with concise and direct lines. By size and proportion, Pure displays and celebrates elements of its functionality through a harmony of minimalist design, materials, finishes and exquisite detailing.

The landmark Pure collection is available in a variety of finishes including Chrome Plate, Polished Nickel and Urban Brass.


Style Moderne

Style Moderne is a highly distinctive collection of taps, showers and complementary bathroom accessories inspired by the grace and glamour of the Art Deco period of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The elegance of this collection is a modern interpretation; clearly defined lines and faceted spouts, enhanced geometric shapes and stepped details all add a classic feel but with contemporary overtones.

With the Style Moderne collection Samuel Heath has reinterpreted one of the most dynamic and influential design periods in history.

The Fairfield Collection

The Fairfield Collection follows a more classic design style evoking the spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement with influences of the period. The careful proportioning of Fairfield reflects the qualities inspired by the era whilst design options are enhanced by a choice of cross-top controls or levers available in crystal, wood, ceramic or metal.

Made in England from the finest materials with a combination of the latest technology and hand craftsmanship ensures a flawless finish. This range is equally at ease in the more modern bathroom setting as it is in a classic one.

Ordering tapware from The Samuel Heath Collection

As this exclusive product sits towards the high-end of bathroomware, all Samuel Heath items are by special order only. We recommend visiting one of our showrooms to view selected samples and finishes before placing your order. Once your order is finalised there will be a lead time of several weeks while shipping from the UK.

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