Soap block, traditional – Version Originale

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Traditional soap block
Made of 72% vegetable oils


Created in Provence, the Version Originale range from Compagnie de Provence is famous for its traditional manufacturing methods and natural ingredients.

The cube of Marseille soap is a natural and artisanal product, which has been the pride and fame of Marseille since the 17th Century. It has been made in a cauldron according to tradition and contains 72% of vegetable copra, palm and olive oils.

This soap cube shows the authenticity, tradition and purity of the Compagnie De Provence products and is gentle enough to be used to clean ones face and body whilst also sufficiently effective to be used to clean laundry and floors.

Softening olive oil, cleansing and protective palm oil. Fragrance-free, without animal fats and synthetic substances.

Use advice:
Intended for the gentle wash of all textiles, specially delicate fabrics (baby garment, silk, lace…): soak your laundry, wash it with soap, lather up and rinse thoroughly with clear water. Let laundry soak and always rinse with cold water. To clean difficult stains (grease, shirt collars): rub the stain with the cube before washing. Quickly machine wash.
To clean floors and shine tiles, soap them with Marseille soap and rinse thoroughly.
Also suitable to clean face and body: rinse thoroughly. Moisturize your skin with an adapted cream.

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