Laundry basket – Vipp

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Code 43104100

Vipp laundry basket

Height: 700mm
Diameter: 390mm


The very first Vipp bin was made in 1939 as a labour of love. Today, Vipp has developed into an entire family of products. The original bin has now been supplemented by a range of products ideal for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and office spaces as well. This Danish collection epitomises Scandinavian design at its best, producing products of the highest quality that are extremely functional whilst being supremely beautiful.
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The Vipp laundry basket has a dual section washable inner bag, allowing for the easy separation of laundry.
The perforated lid allows for air circulation within the basket to prevent the build-up of odours.
Rubber wheels at the base of the basket creates efficient mobility.

The Vipp laundry basket is made from powder-coated stainless steel and rubber, with the lid being brushed stainless steel.

The inner liner is machine washable at 40°C however should not be tumble dried.

For light cleaning of the powder-coated stainless steel of e.g. grease stains, use a lint-free cloth or a soft brush with glass cleaner. Wipe off with a lint-free cloth. For heavier cleaning, use a lint-free cloth or a soft brush with warm water and a mild detergent (e.g. Sunlight Liquid). Remove rubber parts to ease the cleaning process.