Bath shelf – Perspex

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Code 56900400/56900450

With drip holes and side edging.

Length: 800mm or 940mm
Width: 200mm



The transparency of Perspex is perfect for understated luxury. It creates an illusion of space and offers elegance and functionality in equal measure.

This elegant bath shelf has holes to allow water to escape and to provide friction for the contents on the shelf. Side edging prevents the shelf contents from sliding off.

Please clean all Perspex items with care using warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth. Exceptionally soiled products can be cleaned with warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner (e.g. Sunlight Liquid). Never use any harsh cleaning abrasives as these will damage the Perspex (e.g. please do not use Windolene) as this may result in crazing of the Perspex). Special Perspex cleaner is available through Victorian Bathrooms if required.