Mortimer pot filler, DM

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Code 21601452

Mortimer pot filler with white porcelain levers.
For a deck mounted installation.
One water connection.

Arm projection: 672mm



The Nicolazzi range of hand-finished tapware is traditionally styled to add charm to any kitchen. With a commitment to quality, these solid and sturdy pieces are created to reflect a beauty that is timeless.

Pot fillers are becoming more and more common in home kitchens because they are so practical and attractive. Both wall and deck mounted faucets are available, both of which install near the stove and have articulated arms that fold out over the stove when you want to fill a pot and fold neatly against the wall when not in use.

Specification download
CAD File Library (Only available for Architects & Interior Designers)

This pot filler is available with white porcelain levers only.
Requires a deck mounted installation.

The pot filler should be placed to the right or left of the cooking surface to avoid reaching over the cooking surface to access it. If the pot filler is not able to access all of the surface burners, locate the filler so it can access the largest surface burner.

Pot fillers are designed with two valves. The shut off valve which is located at the base of the pot filler, closest to the wall, and the control valve, located closest to the spout. When not in use, the control valve and the shut off valve should be in the off position. To use the pot filler, turn the shut off valve 90 degrees into the on position. Then turn the control valve to start the flow of water. Reverse this process to safely turn off and store the pot filler. Be sure that the shut off valve is returned to the off position.

Please note that the pot fillers are equipped for one water connection.

Clean with warm water, a mild detergent and dry with a soft cloth.
Avoid cleaners containing abrasive materials.
When situated close to the sea, ensure that the chrome is cleaned regularly to remove salt residue.