Manhattan double curved basin

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Code 18902600

Please note: This item requires an extended delivery time.

This basin is available in many variations – a single or double, with stand or wall hung, shelf or no shelf, and the stand is available in any of our bespoke finishes.

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** Refer to BESPOKE FINISH page for sample pictures and more information



This basin is only available without tap holes and doesn't have an overflow. Basin wastes and bottle traps are to be purchased separately.

Length: 1700mm
Width: 450mm
Height (including stand): 850mm

Specification download - 1700 Double Basin and Stand
Specification download - 900 Single Basin and Stand
CAD Library (for Architects or Interiors designers only)

Please note that basin wastes and bottle traps are to be purchased separately.

The basins should be cleaned with sunlight and warm water. For matt basins, the scouring side of a wash up sponge can be used or 120 grit for really stubborn marks. For polished basins, clean with burnishing or polishing compound and 2000 water paper for stubborn marks.

Extra care must be taken for all special finishes during installation and daily use. Normally, a damp soft cloth is all it takes to shine up your fittings however if it is not sufficient, mix a solution of warm, soapy water with the cloth. Do not use anything stronger than a non-abrasive household cleaner (e.g. Sunlight Liquid). Never clean with abrasive solutions (e.g. Handy Andy) as these can actually damage your special finish. After cleaning, be sure to dry the fittings as this will prevent water spots and any possible further damage. A tip to keeping your fittings in ideal condition is to keep a dry cloth nearby so that you can dry off the fittings after you have finished using them.