Bathroom mat, large natural – Fluffy

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Code 62100011

Fluffy large bathroom mat in natural.
100% cotton

Dimensions: 600 x 1500mm


These fluffy bathroom mats are made from the purest 100% cotton, hand finished and machine tufted. Crafted with the utmost care, attention to detail and the strictest quality control, however these mats are handmade and therefore some variations may occur. Victorian Bathrooms offers two shades with these mats - natural or white. All mats are woven in their natural colour and the white mats are then bleached, which may result in them having slight differences in tone. These should not be regarded as imperfections but rather as characteristics of the traditional methods used to create these mats.

Size of mat: 600 x 1500mm

Available in white or natural.

This product is machine washable and tumble dry safe.
Made of the highest quality cotton and are hard wearing.

Cotton is the most absorbent natural material and this makes these mats especially good for bathrooms, also as they resist slipping when wet.

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