Chaise bath in white skirt

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Code 17004400

Length: 1500 / 1700mm
Width: 750mm
Height: 600-850mm

Tap holes: Optional
Construction: Cast acrylic interior


A superbly comfortable bath where one end is raised and sloped creating a cosy lounging position. This skirted slipper bath has a high gloss interior and smooth white moulded exterior.

Available in a 1500mm or 1700mm length.
The 1500mm Petite Chaise is perfect when floor space is limited.

1500mm Chaise in skirt (17177708): R27 000
1700mm Chaise in skirt (17004400): R28 000

Specification download of 1500mm Chaise in skirt
Specification download of 1700mm Chaise in skirt
2D AutoCad DWG download of 1500mm Chaise in skirt
2D AutoCad DWG download of 1700mm Chaise in skirt
Please note that as these baths are handmade, the actual dimensions may vary slightly to the specifications.

The end of the Chaise bath has an exterior moulding to conceal the overflow outlet.

Bath information and customisation options

The overflow and waste are to be purchased separately.
Tap holes (2) can be installed at the flat end of the bath rim.

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This product carries a 20 year warranty against manufacturing defects.