Butler 800 fireclay sink

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Code 12400850

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The Butler 800 sink has an overflow and includes a basket waste kit.

Length, external: 795mm
Length, internal: 725mm
Width, external: 460mm
Width, internal: 390mm
Height, external: 255mm
Height, internal: 220mm


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Providing the absolute finest in classic kitchen charm, Shaws of Darwen fireclay sinks have been made and expertly hand finished by master craftsmen since 1897. Made in a factory located in a quiet corner of North West England, each sink has been created using techniques passed down for well over a century and carry a Certificate of Authenticity - your assurance that your investment has been handcrafted for life.

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The Butler sink has graced the worlds finest homes for over a century with its timeless, practical and beautiful design. Ideal for modern or traditional looking kitchens.

The Butler sink has an overflow and includes a basket waste kit.

Whilst it is very uncommon, there is a chance that crazing of the glaze may occur due to thermal expansion between the clay body and the glaze. Shaws of Darwen take every preventative measure to minimise the potential of crazing however if it does develop, please be aware that it does not affect the integrity or performance of the sink and is merely aesthetic.

Daily cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning product is recommended. A simple solution of soap and water generally does an excellent job.
For more information, view the Shaws care guide