Black Britannia exposed shower kit

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Code 23257201 & 23289703 & 23253355

Britannia exposed shower kit
In black finish

Shower mixer inlets: 15mm
Shower mixer centres: 150mm
Shower rose diameter: 200mm
Height of riser pipe & arm: 1058 – 1392mm
Projection of shower arm from wall: 425 – 435mm
Diameter of riser pipe: 22mm
Diameter of curved arm: 19mm
Length of shower hose: 1500mm


Now available in a powder-coated black finish, this item is made upon order and a lead time will incur.

The economical Britannia collection reflects a traditional style that is classic and clean. This exposed shower system consists of the Britannia exposed single lever shower mixer, the Britannia 8" shower rose, and a riser pipe kit that includes a riser pipe, curved shower arm and handshower with hose, slider and diverter.

Please note that the exposed shower kit is also available without the handshower and diverter attachment, including only the mixer, riser pipe, shower arm and shower rose.
Codes: 23207201 & 23289703 & 23257200
Price: R13 750 incl VAT, ex-works Cape Town

Britannia exposed single lever shower mixer
Inlets: 15mm
Outlet: 15mm
Centres: 150mm
Specification download

Britannia 8" shower rose
Includes a ball joint and has antiscale nipples that enable any limescale build-up that may occur over time to be easily cleaned by wiping your finger across them. The rose is fitted with a 9 litre per minute aerator.
Diameter: 200mm
Specification download

Riser pipe & curved arm
Riser pipe is supplied with 1 wall bracket. Whilst the pipe and arm are adjustable, we recommend installing a fixed unit to minimise any damage to the black finish.
Height of riser and arm: 1058 - 1392mm
Projection of arm from wall: 425 - 435mm
Diameter of riser pipe: 22mm
Diameter of curved arm: 19mm

Handshower, hose, slider & diverter
Includes an adaptor for the mixer to connect to the riser pipe.
Hose length: 1500mm

Terms & conditions
Please note that all special finishes are made upon order and a lead time will incur. Once a special finish item has been ordered, the goods are non-returnable. The mechanical functioning of this product is guaranteed, excluding the external finish.

As with any special finish, extra care must be taken during installation and daily use. Normally, a damp soft cloth is all it takes to clean your fittings however if it is not sufficient, mix a solution of warm, soapy water with the cloth. Do not use anything stronger than a non-abrasive household cleaner (e.g. Sunlight Liquid). Never clean with abrasive solutions (e.g. Handy Andy) as these can actually damage the finish.


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