Basket waste kit

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Code 12400014

Basket waste kit
For Shaws sinks

Diameter: 90mm

** Available in special PVD-coated metal finishes to complement your tapware



The handmade basket waste kit is crafted with the highest grade stainless steel and features ceramic indices with matching Shaws insignia.

The basket waste kit has been carefully designed to perfectly complement the Shaws range of handcrafted sinks.

Daily cleaning with a soft sponge or cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning product is recommended. A simple solution of soap and water generally does an excellent job.

PVD coated metal will not patina. You only need simple cleaning to keep the color looking good.
To maintain PVD finishes, please avoid using corrosive cleaners including bleach, hydrogen peroxide, hydrofluoric acid and household cleaners containing chlorine or producing active oxygen. All of these products will damage PVD finishes. Please use PH neutral liquid soap to clean all PVD finishes to ensure longevity.