A Perfect Stay – Inside The Royal Portfolio

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a perfects stay book - inside the royal portfolio boutique hotels
Code 45001200

A Perfect Stay
Inside The Royal Portfolio


Liz and her husband Phil started The Royal Portfolio in December 1999 with one goal - 'To Give Guests A Complete Experience And A Perfect Stay'.
20 years on and Liz is now at the helm of four of the most glamorous luxury boutique hotels in the world. Royal Malewane, Birkenhead House, La Residence and The Silo Hotel have attracted many of the world's most discerning and distinguished travellers including many celebrity guests.
A Perfect Stay tells a visual story of the Biden family and of The Royal Portfolio - showcasing the extraordinary creativity and style of Liz Biden. Minimalism is in short supply in The Royal Portfolio hotels. Liz's interiors are rich, colourful, eclectic and playful - always comfortable - and utterly unique.

A Perfect Stay includes a glimpse inside the Biden family's private homes.
Foreword by Sir Elton John and David Furnish.

272 pages
323.85 x 260mm portrait

Foreword by Sir Elton John and David Furnish.
The Royal Portfolio has garnered a host of international hospitality awards - acclaimed for their style, design, service, spectacular locations and business ethos.