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Bathroom Colour Inspiration

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Colour Inspiration for your Bathroom.
colour tips in the bathroom
A perfect palette.

Whether you are looking to stretch a small budget or go for a full bathroom makeover, here are 5 easy tips to add colour to your bathroom.

Just as we are all unique, so too are our styles. The incorporation of colour into your bathroom provides the ultimate opportunity for originality. From blush pinks to navy blues, colour gives even more choice when it comes to customising a space that truly reflects your own style.

1. Add a basin in Rosa or Aveo or Azure...

The Orb basin is a fun way to add colour to an otherwise drab bathroom.  Bringing a sense of youthful confidence, this fresh focal point creates an eye-catching and attention-grabbing scene.

If Rosa isn’t your colour, no problem!  There are 8 standard colours and an infinite possibility of bespoke colours!  Now that’s individuality!

2. Hand coloured Tiles.

Exquisite handmade tiles can be ordered to suit your colour pallet. Veelvlak Signature Surfaces offer an incredible service in custom making tiles to match your scheme, each reflecting a personality with their slight variations.

From soft pink tones, to deep greens and blues, and basically any colour of the rainbow. The addition of colour tiles to the bathroom can redefine the entire space.

3. Colour Accessories

Add colour with easily changeable accessories; nude today, navy tomorrow.  Soap dishes, tumblers, bins and a host of other accessories are an economical and ‘non permanent’ way to add colour highlights to your bathroom as are luxe ultra thick towels as the finishing touch.

Whilst chrome is still our recommended metal finish due to its durability and timeless lustre, playing with brass or nickel especially in smaller spaces, such as a cloakroom bathroom, adds an invitation of interest to the design setting.

Brushed brass, with its golden glow, is beautifully raw in appeal, providing an escape from the common new-world shine and perfection. The finish has tiny brush marks on the surface creating depth and a matte satin appearance. It celebrates its ‘imperfections’ and encourages a natural aging and tarnishing process.

When used with the colour scheme of the bathroom, the brushed brass finish on our modern classic Britannia tapware further enhances the bespoke and unique character of the bathroom. Find out more about our special finishes here

5. Play with paint.

From colourising your bath, the vanity cabinet, the walls or even the ceiling, paint is an easy and affordable way to add a punch of colour to your bathroom.

Tones of white with splashes of foliage create a spa like tranquility, while pale blues, greens and greys create a calming effect. For a touch of drama, paint a dark or bright hue to one wall, as a focal point. And the good thing is that when you grow tired of the colour, you create a completely new atmosphere by repainting in a different hue.

Read more about our bath colour options here.