Water-saving Shower Roses
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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 20:12


With the current drought, South Africans are working hard at saving water. Victorian Bathrooms is proud to offer traditional bathroom products that conserve water whilst remaining timeless and elegant.

The Burlington shower roses are the epitome of traditional design with modern plumbing technology and provides a spectacular shower experience whilst saving up to 33% less water.
















Burlington Shower Roses

The Burlington 6” shower rose and Burlington 9” shower rose epitomise the fusion of traditional design and modern technology. These elegant shower roses can save up to 33% of water due to its inbuilt AirBurst feature where air is forced into the shower head to mix with the water and increase the inside pressure resulting in a powerful water flow with up to 33% less water.


In addition, the anti-limescale nipples makes it easy to remove limescale and directs the water in the correct downwards direction, delivering the experience it is designed to create…for years to come.


Flow Restrictors

An example of 'big things come in small packages', flow restrictors are such small and simple items that can make the biggest difference. Restrict the amount of water to your shower rose by adding the restrictor between the shower arm and the rose and 'voila' - you use less water!





Toilets with Dual-Flush Cistern Mechanisms

Where tradition meets functionality, Victorian Bathrooms’ selection of water closets with dual-flush cistern mechanisms provides a substantial water-saving feature without compromising on style.

The dual-flush cistern mechanism offers a full flush of 6 litres when the cistern lever is gently pushed downwards and a half flush of 3 litres when lifted upwards. This function is supplied with the Arcade WC and the Burlington High Level WC, as well as the Burlington Close Coupled WC as an additional extra.